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<p>We support and promote social enterprises in Vietnam. Since 2009, our programs and services have enabled 78 social initiatives that have improved the lives of over 200,000 disadvantaged people. Become part of our movement today!</p>

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Aiming to support for people and organization understand about Social Entrepreneurs, Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) respectfully invites you to Workshop “Social Enterprises - Policy Overview and Implementation”

The Healthy Markets Innovation Fund is a competition to find innovative and creative entrepreneurs with ideas that change lives in Vietnam by increasing demand and supply for HIV related goods and services.

Hanoi, June 22nd, 2015: Tòhe Social Enterprise is awarded a grant from LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGT VP) to support Tòhe’s art programs for children with disabilities.

This is the third year of our pilot program, which supports projects whose focus are on reviewing current challenges and issues shared among (Japan and other) Asian countries, and proposing policy recommendations. The primary focus of the program...